Mala Suerte Compania Brass Knuckles Logo



The Mala Suerte Compania was created back in 2002 by Mexican-American tattoo artist, Johnny “Mala Suerte” Garza. Johnny started tattooing out in the Midwest area and ever since he started tattooing he has also pursued other creative ways to express his creativity. Although Johnny is well known as a tattoo artist, graphic design and photography can also be added to the list of creative outlets that Johnny is capable of. Having family ties in South Texas and the Midwest, Johnny has been constantly working out of both regions, giving him the exposure that many tattooers dream of with the ability to go back and forth from tattoo shop to tattoo shop.

The Mala Suerte Compania started up from Johnny’s nickname, and then Johnny teamed up with Job Moscot Cortes of Explicit Ink, there was a creative fire as soon as these two artists started to colaborate on projects. Johnny decided to make it official and added the Compania to his name. Johnny and Job have a great understanding of each others style, talents and strengths and have a great chemistry together; they are the creative forces behind Mala Suerte Compania.

Job Moscot is a professional graphic designer / photographer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Communication Design. He has had the opportunity to work in the Chicano Entertainment Industry with several Latin Hip-Hop artists who include: Low G, Los Marijuanos, Conejo, Kinto Sol, Capone, El Gordo to name a few, designing anything from logos to album covers to their official websites. A career highlight included the opportunity to design a custom SG Guitar for Gibson Guitars which was to be auctioned off at a Beverly Hills Celebrity Auction, the “Guns and Rosaries Gibson SG Guitar” designed by Job was purchased by Mexican comedian George Lopez.

Both Johnny and Job were influenced by a lot of the same Mexican artists and their art who includes Jesus Helguera and José Guadalupe Posada, the Black and Grey Movement and the images throughout the poor barrios in our Mexican Culture. Their influences comes from a great array of sources that fuse together and make up what we call Mala Suerte Compania, “we do not imitate anyone’s style, as you can see in our work; it has a style and feel all its own.”

Teaming up with’s Salvador Rojas has been a blessing to the Mala Suerte Compania. The underground company has been under the radar and is now being put on the world-wide spotlight. With the support of their families and friends they are finally getting Mala Suerte Compania noticed on an international level.

The main Mala Suerte Compania logo is our Chicano stylized Brass Knuckles. A lot of people frown about the choice of that, but that is real, we don’t us the typical Mexican images such as suns, roosters or chihuahuas that everyone else uses. We chose the Brass Knuckles because it represents us and a lot of the Chicanos and Chicanas out there. Brass Knuckles can be a dangerous tool, much like the mind of a Chicana/o. It is a symbol of strength and a reminder to never stop fighting for what you believe in.